Bargirl swallows rock

RAWAI: A Patong bargirl swallowed a Frenchman’s diamond ring after he refused to pay her and a pal for services rendered after an all-night menage-a-trois in Rawai. Chalong Police acquired a grievance from a 62-year-old Frenchman identified as Mr Patrick, who fingered Tawan, a 28-year-old bar woman, as the jewelry-gulping culprit. Mr Patrick told the police that on the evening of February eight he went to Tai Pan Pub, the place he met Tawan and a good friend named Rose. Mr Patrick invited the ladies to join him for a three-way at his house in Rawai. Forgotten was going well. Tawan reported that the Frenchman ejaculated twice with every them through the first session – and repeated the performance four hours later. But when it got here time to cough up, the Frenchman’s efficiency was less impressive. He refused to pay the 1,000 baht each he had promised to the women, Tawan advised the police. When the Frenchman went to the bathroom, Tawan searched his drawers and found a diamond ring, which she hid in her bra. The Frenchman instantly discovered the theft and demanded the ring back, searching her intimately for the missing gewgaw. Tawan said that Mr Patrick slapped her, which so enraged her that she swallowed the encrusted annulus while he wasn’t looking. After bringing her to the police station, she began having abdomen spasms – diamonds being considerably more durable to digest than somtam. This led the police to suspect that she had swallowed the ring. An X-ray at Phuket International Hospital confirmed it. Doctors there gave Tawan laxatives in an try to purge the ring, which Mr Patrick mentioned was a family heirloom passed down though generations – and probably even a number of digestive tracts. Tawan was then apparently launched and, for reasons unknown, returned to Mr Patrick’s residence. The Frenchman stood by with plastic baggage on the ready to collect the excrement from over 20 bouts of explosive diarrhea that she experienced – but still no ring. She grew to become so ill she had to be readmitted to hospital – this time to Wachira Phuket Hospital – the place she fi

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