Burmese man arrested for rape and assault of Thai girl

A Burmese man accused of the assault and rape of a Thai lady he had hired as a maid has been arrested by Phuket City Police. The forty two year previous man lives near the fishing port space in Rassada and was taken into custody after the Phuket Provincial Court issued an arrest warrant yesterday.
Sneak peek from Sa Kaeo was hired on August 27 as a housekeeper however when she arrived to the Burmese man’s home he raped her and took her captive all night time. She reported the incident to the police the following day but says they took no action. Yesterday she introduced her police report and the Phuket Provincial Hospital medical report of her medical examination to reporters who interviewed her earlier than the police executed the arrest warrant.
She stated her friend took her to the Phuket City Police Station after the incident however was only given a form for a physician to fill out at her medical examination. Banned needed to take herself to the hospital. The girl posted about it on a well-known Facebook page which sparked outrage concerning the police inaction. An officer responded in a public comment saying an investigation into the rape was ongoing and proof had been being gathered so as to get the arrest warrant for the Burmese man.
The Burmese man, who works as a migrant labour dealer that matches fishing boats with employees in Phuket, faces rape charges that carry a fantastic of 8,000 to forty,000 baht and four to 20 years in prison.
The girl recounted the trauma, saying she was referred by a friend to the person who said he needed someone to do laundry. He welcomed her with a meal and chatted along with her about work. But after consuming, the girl mentioned he attacked, kicking and punching her and informed her that he had paid off the police so that they wouldn’t help her.
She said from 9 pm to 4 am she was beaten repeatedly and raped, saying at one point he taped her mouth shut, put a plastic bag over her head, and threatened to kill her. According to the girl, the Burmese man fell asleep but she was locked in and had to wait till after 9 am when his associates woke him and brought him to work, by accident leaving the door unlocked..

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