Myanmar army and ethnic army clashes continue, bullets land on Thai soil

Bullets from the continued clashes between the Myanmar navy and the armed wing of the Karen National Union have reportedly landed on Thai soil. A struggle between the state army and the ethnic troops broke once more at round 10am yesterday morning. Thai media reports that two Karen troopers and a quantity of other state army soldiers died. Three people who had been injured by bullets and shrapnel fled throughout the border to Thailand’s western province Tak.
Thai rescue staff and an emergency group from Tak Mae Sot Hospital treated the injured refugees. Around 5,000 refugees are staying in short-term camps in Tak’s border region, and with the continuing violence, extra refugees are anticipated. Some have pitched tents alongside the river between the 2 nations, and can cross over to Thailand if the situation worsens.
According to Thai media, some refugees in short-term camps have gotten sick as a outcome of drop in temperature during the winter months. โซล่าเซลล์ราคาถูกคุณภาพดี is now standing by for twenty-four hours a day.
One Thai native dwelling by the border told Thai media that she and different residents are worried concerning the state of affairs as there are more bullets and even anti-tank rockets present in Thailand’s border space. She says she hopes the situation turns into steady soon..

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