Storm topples bushes, causes chaos and flooding in northeastern Thailand

A sudden storm in Chaiyaphum province, in northeastern Thailand, yesterday caused fallen bushes to dam roads and flooding. Two vehicles slipped off the street in the darkness, although drivers managed to escape unharmed. Local authorities have been urged to enhance lighting in the space to minimize back accidents.
In varied areas of Chaiyaphum province, heavy rain and robust winds led to flooding and fallen trees blocking numerous roads. Municipal officers in the city of Chaiyaphum shortly inspected and cleared roads to facilitate traffic for residents. A giant tree additionally collapsed, blocking entry to the Non Samor neighborhood and forcing residents to use another street close to the Chaiyaphum Vanaram temple to enter and exit.
In Ban Kheaw district, storm floodwaters inundated the surface of Highway 225, connecting Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Sawan provinces. The area, where a four-lane road is beneath development, lacks enough lighting for drivers, causing two vehicles, a pickup truck and a sedan, to veer off the road and become submerged in water. The occupants of each automobiles have been able to escape unhurt earlier than the floodwaters engulfed their automobiles.
One of the drivers, named Chai, recounted the incident. He was returning home to Khon Kaen province after travelling from the Sub Yai district when the accident occurred. Index to the storm, heavy rain, poor visibility, and powerful winds, he decided to slow down but lost control of his automobile, inflicting it to veer off the highway. He urged accountable companies to enhance lighting along Highway 225 between Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Sawan provinces to stop comparable accidents in the future..

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