Thai EC members travel to Africa for May 14 election prep

The Election Commission (EC) acknowledged that it was essential for all of its members to journey overseas in the course of the Songkran vacation period in order to organise advance voting for the May 14 election, particularly within the three African nations where a major number of Thai residents now reside.
Following his return from visits to South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco, EC chairman Ittiporn Boonpracong defended the choice, allaying concerns that it involved the pointless use of taxpayers’ cash. He emphasised that all ballots collected abroad might be transferred to Thailand as planned by May 9, adding that the EC has been working intently with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to oversee their switch.
The Thai embassies in these three African international locations are among seven positioned in Africa, serving fifty seven nations throughout the continent the place many Thai residents reside.
Ittiporn expressed reservations about using postal providers to transport the votes as a result of varied transportation methods in each nation but remained confident that every thing would be resolved satisfactorily.
In terms of ballot transfers, around thirteen nations worldwide require diplomatic officials to handle the ballots themselves, as no direct flights are present between them and Thailand, corresponding to South Africa and a number of other countries in Latin America.
Ittiporn reassured the press that the EC continued to execute its duties whilst abroad. Furthermore, Elements stated that the budget for the trip had been authorised by the House..

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