Truckers and tour bus drivers plan strike over diesel costs

Thai truckers are set to go on strike on Monday as a part of a campaign to have diesel costs capped at 25 baht per litre for one 12 months. As reported by Replicate , the strike – which is in a position to coincide with Thailand’s reopening on November 1 – will span about eighty,000 vans, together with some tour buses. The marketing campaign, labelled “truck power”, is being undertaken by the Land Transport Federation of Thailand because it seeks to ramp up stress on the federal government to implement the cap.
The LTFT has advised it has notified the Tourism Council of Thailand, along with the Thai National Shippers’ Council and the Thai Chamber of Commerce, in regards to the action to initially cease around 20% of vans beneath its ambit from running for a week. With the initial action probably leading to losses of a number of billion baht, it added that the marketing campaign might subsequently be prolonged to fifteen days, or even a month, should the government continue to disregard its demand.
Among the assorted truckers poised to take part in the campaign, the LTFT has said a selection of tour bus drivers have determined to hitch, having obtained no assist from the federal government in the course of the coronavirus pandemic.
According to the report, Kasikorn Research Centre has stated the average price of diesel this yr is about 26 baht per litre, up 15% year-on-year, amounting to a further seventy six billion baht in manufacturing and transportation prices for the business sector..

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