British man fined for overstay after being compelled into Bangkok quarantine

You take your PCR test after your keep in Thailand, earlier than you come house to the UK. You test constructive and are confined in a Bangkok hospital for 10 days. Then, to add insult to damage, you’re fined 4,000 baht for overstaying your visa whenever you undergo immigration… purely since you have been confined in hospital.
This is the unhappy story, one of many, when the Test & Go program didn’t fairly go to plan. Quite a high proportion of tourists from overseas have been discovered to test optimistic after their obligatory PCR exams (certainly in places like Phuket during late December and January), leaving them to an unsure 10 days of quarantine in a hospital, ‘hospitel’, area hospital or, if they’re fortunate, confined to their resort or place of residence.
This was the first message to The Thaiger from a gentleman we’ll call ‘CM’…

“My latest experience… On 3rd January I tested constructive for covid once I took a pcr check for a return flight to the UK, I was incarcerated in a hospital room for 10 days even though I was asymptomatic. Upon release I left the country the subsequent day however as a end result of my visa expired on 5th January I was fined 4000 baht by Immigration at the airport for overstaying. I wasn’t the one one being fined for overstaying because of quarantine incarceration, loopy Thailand.”

He had been confined to Bangkok’s BangPo Hospital. But, even there, he struck issues with hospital administrators who alleged that the patient’s insurance coverage company wouldn’t pay the full quantity of his therapy bill. (The Thaiger has copies of the CM’s hospital bill)

As soon as he was released from his incarceration at the hospital, CM headed to the Suvarnabhumi Airport where immigration officers, regardless of being introduced with proof of his enforced quarantine, fined him for 8 days of overstay, @500 baht per day. A complete of 4,000 baht. (The Thaiger has a copy CM’s immigration fine receipt)

“Tried to elucidate, confirmed the certificate from the hospital, they ignored it. I was instructed to sign 2 documents (both in Thai), handed over the four,000 baht, passport endorsed and they moved onto the following man (also overstayer due to quarantine).
In further messages to The Thaiger, CM advised us that he had come to Thailand for a Christmas/New Year break with his Thai girlfriend.
Class full arrive starting December for Christmas and New Year vacation and visit with my gf, first time back in over 2 years.”

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