Energy-efficient and sustainable vacuum solutions from Atlas Copco provide the ultimate good contact for Noelle + von Campe

เกจวัดแรงดันแก๊ส has declared 2022 the “International Year of Glass”. This places much more give attention to manufacturing circumstances in the energy-intensive glass trade, and environment friendly technologies along the complete value chain are significantly in demand. Vacuum expertise also has a major influence on sustainability in glass production – as a outcome of stable vacuum is needed in many processes. Atlas Copco makes a speciality of offering energy-efficient, intelligent, and sustainable vacuum solutions to producers worldwide. They have supplied the German glass producer Noelle + von Campe with three GHS 4600 VSD+ screw vacuum pumps. The Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ sequence of vacuum pumps are a range of extremely efficient, intelligent vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology.
Individual glass packaging for bottling firms
Noelle + von Campe produces individual glass packaging for bottling companies. The individualized bottles and jars are given their shape and the final touch using vacuum expertise. The ultimate touch includes adding a customer’s emblem or identify. When shaping the glass, higher embossing of the brand or any lettering is achieved if the trapped air between the glass mildew and the actual glass has been eliminated as greatest as potential. With an output of 650 million jars per year, the proper vacuum system is a crucial factor for the efficiency of the complete plant for Noelle + von Campe. Atlas Copco, with its application experience and expertise in supplying vacuum pumps to the glass business, knows the precise requirements of the market. They have a long historical past in partnering with glass manufacturers. Their options and installations are made to measure for every individual customer. This was one of the causes Noelle + von Campe chose Atlas Copco’s GHS VSD+ oil-injected screw vacuum pumps for his or her production facility.
Energy financial savings with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) know-how
The use of vacuum know-how alone saves plenty of vitality: the same production end result may be achieved with compressed air but would consume more energy. With its progressive motor concept for glass production, the Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ collection is one of the most energy-efficient oil-lubricated vacuum pumps in the marketplace: with the VSD variable pace management, the screw pumps could be adapted precisely and rapidly to the respective vacuum requirement. Variable velocity and the set point control presents optimum vacuum ranges. The GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps put in at Noelle + von Campe have saved around 27% in power prices.
Increased stability in the vacuum supply
The decreased energy consumption isn’t the only advantage of the GHS VSD+ vacuum solution. The complete vacuum provide at Noelle + von Campe is now more steady than earlier than. „When we modify tools or adapt our processes, for instance, the brand new central vacuum system continues to reliably provide our entire production“ reviews Timo Scherf, the Head of Maintenance Plant 1 at Noelle + von Campe. „This was an important issue for us, as a result of the reliable, uninterrupted vacuum supply in turn has a direct impact on the quality of our end products. And in terms of the quality of our jars and bottles, neither we nor our prospects make any compromises“, Timo Scherf emphasizes.
Significantly faster amortization
According to Atlas Copco gross sales engineer Oliver Heitjohann, further price reductions are generated by the ES central management: „The intelligent system coordinates using the vacuum pumps with one another – this saves much more prices, also for maintenance and electricity. A massive benefit: the purchasers also achieve significantly faster amortization“. The ES16 central controller can monitor and control multiple GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps concurrently. The smart management system balances and optimizes the performance of all machines, decreasing the overall power consumption. Compared to competitor merchandise, the intervals between maintenance are also longer. Other note-worthy options of the GHS 4600 VSD+ vacuum pump is its low noise degree, space-saving design and the reality that the pumps are equipped in a single, compact housing. The set up is plug & play and is correspondingly uncomplicated.
More for much less
The Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ oil-sealed screw vacuum pump sequence thus put the ending touches not only to the products but in addition to the production course of. This is the place Atlas Copco’s in depth experience in working with glass producers pays off. That is why Atlas Copco additionally personalized the piping of the vacuum pumps. Atlas Copco is thus, as it had been, a one-stop shop for glass manufacturers – from the pump to the connection techniques. And so, on balance, Noelle + von Campe will get extra for less: more vacuum, extra control and extra stability for less energy consumption and less effort.
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