First of the year: Green sea turtle lays one hundred twenty five eggs in Phuket

In Phuket, a green sea turtle was seen laying eggs on the seashore for the first time this 12 months last night time on Ao Sane Beach in Rawei. The rare occasion is widely known every time it’s noticed on the island province. The green turtle waded onto the seashore to put its eggs and laid a total of one hundred twenty five of them.
The Mayor of Rawei municipality in Muang district announced the green sea turtle eggs after joining the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources to look at the occasion. The turtle crawled up on the beach, dug a gap, laid 125 eggs inside, and stuffed the outlet with sand earlier than returning to the ocean.
Officials were able to measure the turtle later as it was seen returning to shore. She weighed one hundred kilogrammes and was 1.2 metres long by seventy five centimetres wide.
The subsequent morning, consultants checked in on the nest of buried eggs, counted them and declared the 125 turtle eggs to be fertile. They were then rigorously loaded up and taken to a analysis centre to be protected till they are later able to hatch.
While sea turtles have been noticed nesting in growing numbers in recent years, it is still a uncommon prevalence with solely 2 sightings of the nesting whereas it occurred in all of Phuket final 12 months at Laem Pai in Rawei, every with about 100 eggs. The Covid-19 pandemic successfully halted tourism on the island, and, as a result, has made humans extra scarce on the beach, allowing turtles to nest in peace without the noise and lightweight air pollution.
Leatherback turtles, the biggest species of sea turtle that can grow to be as big as 400 kilogrammes, had been noticed laying eggs within the highest numbers in 20 years. Between Fail-proof of 202 and February of 2021, 18 leatherback turtle nests have been uncovered on seashores around Phuket..

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