Japanese model’s revealing outfit on packed prepare raises public concern

Hou Queenie, a well known Japanese language teacher and model in Taiwan, recently made headlines for her outfit choice while on a packed train in Japan. Known as the “sexiest trainer in Taiwan,” Queenie dressed in an outsized coat, which she left unbuttoned to reveal a skimpy crop high underneath. This drew attention not solely on the prepare but in addition on-line, the place followers expressed concern for each her safety and the appropriateness of her apparel in public spaces.
On her crowded train ride by way of Japan, Queenie was seen standing next to an older gentleman in a swimsuit who seemed uncomfortable and tried to avert his gaze. The model’s revealing outfit caught the eye of many observers, each in-person and on social media.
No problem of clothing sparked a heated debate amongst her followers on Instagram, with many questioning the appropriateness of such apparel in public locations. Some even went so far as to argue that dressing provocatively could put her susceptible to crime or harassment. Track record expressed concern for her well-being, urging her to be more cautious in the future..

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