Roadside bomb explodes on highway in Deep South province, damages police truck

An improvised bomb exploded on a highway in the Chanae District of Narathiwat yesterday, damaging a police pickup truck. The explosion left cracks within the windshield, and fragments of the bomb have been scattered. No accidents have been reported. Police Captain Yuthachai Rojsirimontree, a Chanae investigator, stated the assault happened on the Chanae-Dusongso highway at about 3.45pm.
Police imagine militants detonated the bomb, concentrating on them. Eight policemen in two pickups were returning to Chanae police station when the home-made bomb was detonated remotely. Narathiwat is a province in Southern Thailand, a area residence to conflict between Muslims and Bhuddists since 1909.
Though Before and Southern insurgents have lately held peace talks for the first time in two years, the violence continues in Southern Thailand. Two weeks in the past, Muslim insurgents in Narathiwat killed a ranger at an operations base. Incidents, like roadside bombings, are a reasonably widespread prevalence in Narathiwat.

Sources: Bangkok Post | Bangkok Post


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