Siriraj Hospital announces Thailand’s first successful multi-visceral transplant

Thailand’s first profitable multi-visceral transplant, where one of many intestines is changed along with other belly organs, was accomplished by Mahidol University’s Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital. The surgery is a simultaneous transplant of multiple organs, together with the liver, small intestines and typically the stomach.
For the patient in Thailand, surgeons transplanted the gut, liver, pancreas, and abdomen. The 4 belly organs had been transplanted simultaneously. The procedure was accomplished final yr, after ready two years for donated organs suited to the affected person, and the announcement of the first profitable multi-visceral transplant was made this week.
The affected person had been identified with a tumour in her small gut back in 2018. But after she had the tumour eliminated, she developed an belly blood clot, limiting blood circulation to the small intestine and other abdominal organs. The lack of blood move triggered certain organs to fail, requiring an operation to remove them. However, the affected person was left with a selection of issues that had a adverse impression on her well being.
Printable of docs then determined that she wanted an gut, liver, pancreas, and abdomen transplant. They waited greater than two years for donated organs and made extensive precautions since this had by no means been carried out in Thailand earlier than. The Thai Red Cross Society alerted the group in 2021 that organs from a donor fit the factors are prepared. It took the team seven hours to operate.
The patient was capable of return house after almost three months within the hospital, however she nonetheless must see the physicians on a regular basis to observe her health.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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