Thai netizens complain election banner forces Western lady in wheelchair into avenue

Cancel anytime of a wheelchair user who got caught on the sidewalk because of Bangkok’s governor election advertisements and had to take a dangerous detour into the street has gone viral on Thai Twitter. The incident follows many more complaints in regards to the election banners, which have been blocking nearly each sidewalk in Bangkok.
The city’s banner bombardment has given Thai netizens but one more reason to complain about Bangkok’s sidewalks, which they say have already got limited strolling area because of electrical poles. Now Bangkokians mentioned they’ve needed to take care of more obstacles within the form of unwelcome election ads.
That’s when one Twitter person shared a video of a Western lady in a wheelchair who appeared to have a broken leg. When her companion was unable to circumnavigate an election banner blocking the sidewalk, he had to lower her chair down into the road and wheel it against oncoming site visitors, before dashing throughout the road, crutches in tow, to a safer stretch of sidewalk as a outcome of they couldn’t pass the obstructing banner. However, some have commented that the signal wasn’t the problem; a tree was in the greatest way.
Value in question belongs to former governor Aswin Kwanmueng, who is running for a second term on the post. He’s admitted that his advertisements did block the sidewalks in some areas. But he’s pinned the blame on the the company he outsourced to manage the banners, saying they hadn’t mentioned how they planned to secure them in place. Aswin added that the issue can be mounted immediately, and if anybody spots a disorderly banner, they might report to him at anytime.
Meanwhile, one other candidate campaigning for the workplace of governor, Chadchart Sittipunt, was praised for keeping his ads thin and few, in comparison with his running mates. Chadchart who’s a leading candidate in accordance with a latest NIDA Poll. He has launched a new type of banners, which no other candidate for governor had done earlier than. One netizen admired the banner for its skinny measurement — related in shape to an electric pole — its environment friendly design using minimal material and its significant message: “Select Chadchart for the safety of Bangkok”.
Bangkok’s governor election is scheduled for Mar 22. The place was open for applicants from March 31 to April 4 (today). As of this morning, there were about 30 candidates interested within the position..

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