Uproar amongst Thais on Twitter after social media attacks on Isaan individuals

The Thai “Twittersphere” is in an uproar after a gaggle of users on the social media platform Clubhouse began a derogatory conversation about people from Isaan. This discussion gained consideration after so many disparaging comments have been made that the hashtag #ClubhouseToxic began trending on Twitter.
The Clubhouse users allegedly listed the negative stereotypes of those native to Isaan, corresponding to teenage pregnancies and dark skin, amongst other discriminatory feedback. Famous Thai pop star and member of the K-pop band Blackpink, Lalisa Manoban, was also referenced when a consumer commented “If Isaan is that great, Lisa would’ve come home. Secret living there (South Korea) is much better than dwelling in Isaan.”

One of the main contributors to the thread has publicly apologised, but the anger on the internet has not dissipated. In response, many on-line have been using Twitter and different social media to precise their satisfaction in being from Isaan.

The Isaan Record, a paper that includes the news and issues of the area, tweeted…

“The Clubhouse group insulting Isaan individuals and turning into #ClubhouseToxic reflects people’s lack of know-how of differences and that people still look down on others.”

Another user tweeted online…

“As an Isaan native, I don’t how you have been raised to make you assume this way. I’ve been raised pretty well, my family taught me to have good manners, to be respectful of others and by no means to discriminate against different people. What about you? Has anybody ever taught you that? #ClubhouseToxic”

Independent academic Kittitouch Chaiprasith posted on Facebook to elucidate how discrimination against Isaan natives is not a new phenomenon, and normally is consultant of some political agenda at play..

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